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The Monobuild - DIY Wardrobe Plans

The Monobuild - DIY Wardrobe Plans

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DIY Wardrobe Plans - Designed by a Joiner

Build your own wardrobe using these step-by-step premium printable plans!

Introducing the Monobuild DIY Wardrobe, a meticulously designed blueprint for those who appreciate professional craftsmanship and the significant savings of a do-it-yourself approach. Crafted by a seasoned joiner and cabinet maker, this plan is not just a project—it's an investment in your home, elevating your joinery skills and promising savings of thousands compared to purchasing off-the-shelf solutions or employing a bespoke professional.

Why the Monobuild Plan Stands Apart

- Professional Design: Benefit from a design that’s been refined by years of professional joinery and cabinet making experience, ensuring you achieve a high-end result without the high-end price tag.

- Tailored to Your Needs: With customizable features like doubling your wardrobe, drawer inserts or an open double hanger for efficient storage. Choose between undermount or side-mounted drawer runners, 5 tried & tested undermount runners with suppliers listed for you. The Monobuild adapts to both your aesthetic and functional preferences.

- Flexible Material Finishes: The plan supports construction with just one material thickness type 18mm /23'/32' inch sheets (2440 x 1220) 8'x 4' feet so you choose your finish! From the wardrobe cabinets to the drawers, its all one material. Try Ply, MDF, Veneer or melamine, using standard board sizes for convenience and efficiency.

- Adaptable for Any Room: Designed with standard room heights in mind (up to 2.44m) for a fitted finish. Ceiling to tall? Want a freestanding option?  - Set wardrobe sizes with no cutting or scribing highlighted in the cut-list.     - Swap panels to fit on the left or right hand of a room. The Monobuild plan includes guidance for adjusting dimensions to fit your space perfectly, ensuring a bespoke fit that maximizes every millimetre.

Designed for the metric mind: Work in inches? To help cater to a global audience additional cut-lists for the Monobuild wardrobe and Drawer insert are listed at the bottom of each PDF.

What You Will Receive

- One In-depth PDF plan for constructing the Monobuild Wardrobe, with clear instructions, Tool lists, suppliers lists and illustrative guidance right through to installation.

- One detailed PDF plan for the Drawer Insert system, with clear instructions, hardware positioning and installation. Tool lists, hardware suppliers lists allowing for personalization of you choice of the drawer runners to suit your budget or preference.

 - Professional insights from a qualified joiner and cabinet maker, tool lists and supplier lists for hardware offering you the insider knowledge to navigate the build with confidence.

Invest in yourself or your Home for Just £25

Unlock the potential to save thousands while enhancing your living space with a bespoke wardrobe that speaks to your personal style and meets your storage needs. The Monobuild DIY Wardrobe plan is more than just instructions—it’s a pathway to achieving a piece of hand-made craftsmanship in your own home or elevating your skills for the professional wanting to get into bespoke fitted furniture game.

Start your journey to creating a personalized, high-quality wardrobe today with the Monobuild plan. Beyond savings, it’s about taking pride in creating something uniquely yours!


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