My Story: How I went from tree-climbing kid to furniture maker

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I've always been a hands-on guy. As a kid in the Middle East, I was all about building stuff outdoors. School back in the UK was... not my strong suit. Turns out, being dyslexic made me see the world differently, in a way that's pretty handy for a craftsman.

Learning the Craft

At 19, I dove headfirst into joinery and shopfitting, got my qualifications, and just kept learning. Carpentry, cabinet making, even building fancy yachts – each project taught me something new.

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Expanding my Horizons

I'm the kind of guy who likes to keep things interesting. I learned CAD design, which totally changed how I visualize and teach.

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Then it was off to Sydney, Australia to build custom kitchens. Loved the work, loved the lifestyle. COVID brought me back to the UK, and let's just say the old 9-5 wasn't feeling so great anymore.

Doing My Own Thing

That's when I decided to follow my own path. Building stuff, filming it, showing others how it's done – that was the dream. Turns out, there's something pretty amazing about teaching people to make their own furniture, seeing that spark of pride when they're done.

Come Along for the Ride

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So, here's the deal: if you want to learn to build things that last, things you'll love, then pull up a chair. Let's make some sawdust!